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Our cluster welcomes individuals and companies who are professionally active in the creative industries in Luxembourg. The creative sector spans to 12 distinct branches, including architecture (engineering/town planning); crafts and manufacturing; visual arts; films and audiovisual; design; fashion design; interactive media & gaming; marketing and communication; literature; digital media and publishing; performing arts and music.

There are no membership fees to join the cluster or this platform. Please note: The Creative Industries Cluster reserves the absolute right to refuse any request to join without having to offer an explanation.

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Your advantages



Companies and individuals from the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster can have access this online platform free of charge whilst connecting with creatives and potential clients.



This platform will help build relationships between creatives with converging interests. It gives you access to fellow professionals and allows you to post collaboration request whilst looking for partners or when growing your business (recruitment purposes/ job postings/ collaborations).



Being part of Luxembourg’s Creative Community and national online creative hub will increase your visibility among the creative sector, towards future clients, and provide exposure across our borders.


One step back, 2 steps forward, and you will have full access and the chance to contribute to the community.

Step 1

Register by creating your individual account. Please note that any legal entity operating in the Luxembourg Creative Industries is welcome to join!

Step 2

Fill out your personal profile.
Please fill out your profile with as much detailed information as possible. By paying particular attention to the “description part of your business” and by inputting relevant keywords in the “skills” section of your profile, you will help improve search results for the end user.
Upon completion of your profile registration, we will send you a confirmation email to notify you that your profile is now complete and active.

Step 3

Create, participate, share, connect and act. Enjoy access to 6 distinct categories.

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Jobs or internships
  • Collaboration request
  • Collaborations
  • Search creatives

Write up your own articles, add events to the agenda, publish job opportunities or internship needs, post collaboration requests, announce and promote successful collaborations and search the growing database of creative professionals.
Knowledge is power and sharing pertinent information with other creatives will gel the community.
You will be able to create and upload content with a direct link to your profile as the source/author of this published information. Updating contact information and changing profile details will remain possible via the “edit profile” button at any given time.

We kindly ask you to respect 2 basic rules in view of disseminating or sharing information on this platform:

  • The information posted needs to be relevant and in connection with the creative industries.
  • Slandering and defamation will not be tolerated.

Please note this platform has exclusively been created for creative professionals registered and working in Luxembourg. At this stage, we will therefore not be accepting companies who do not fit these criteria.



A creative online hub gathering Luxembourg’s creative players under one single digital roof.

Following the principle “sharing means caring”, one of the objectives is to bring creative professionals closer together in order to exchange, collaborate, share information, stay informed and foster a close-knit community feel.

Our Objectives