Treepicker is an eco-responsible project initiated by two design studios Quattro Creative and Studio delle Alpi, short after the "Vaia" storm, which caused considerable damages to the North-East Italian forests.

About eight million cubic of wood were knocked down.

Through our common passion for design and commitment to climate change, we had the idea ti develop sustainable and functional design products reinvesting part of our profits in replanting trees in deforestes areas and investing in local producers to adpot the most eco-friendly mindset.

By being aware of these tragic deforestations, we could not stop thinking about all the countless animal species that lost their homes.

This is the reason why we chose to sell birdhouses as our first symbolic kickstarter product. Minimalist homes with pure colours reminding nature and avoiding to frighten its habitants. 

Our packagings are carefully assembled by Agendo, a non-profit organization that works with people with Down syndrome.