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This project showcases the end-result of a collaboration between designer and manufacturer: innovative, high-tech protective wear materials combined with great sports- and work-wear design. By layering this cut-resistant, breathable and flexible material and adding Hi-Vis protection this project constructs apparel that provides full security in a lightweight, comfortable fabric that allows full range of motion movement.

Originally designed for blade-cut protection, this material has been morphed into the perfect protective coating for humans. Elements that were uniquely challenging to this project included: using the EN388 class 5 (2-layer) and class 3 (1 layer) certified material which is cut-, abrasion- and tear-resistant due to high elasticity to create current designs. Designing pattern templates that were functional but appealing to a wide range of potential customers included considering where to incorporate layers and reflective fabric to ensure multi-purpose use while maintaining the lightweight and flexible elements that were important to allow full range of movement.

 While the fabric is made of Dyneema yarn, the strongest available fiber, it has challenges: manufacturing wearable designs need special cutting and sewing machinery, stronger needles, and the working patterns need adjustment, which requires extra training for sewers and cutting personnel.

Due to the features of the material, a clear user-manual has been made to protect the wear/design from possible misuse or abuse.  These designed wearables are CE Certified.

The mutable designs required great knowledge of the material, the movement range associated with primary industry markets, the required level of protection and apparel design. The outcome of this innovative and very technical collaboration enables seamless application to a variety of target markets. The result is a handsome protective wear that is appropriate for emergency response, police, border patrol, military, security, firefighters, and other defense staff. It can also be worn by glass, heavy-metal, oil & gas, and construction workers, and benefit athletes in high contact / high injury sports (eg, rock climbing, rugby, football & ice-hockey players, etc.). Breaking from the normal application of protective wear, this apparel is also suitable and appealing to break-dancers and parkour artists. Anyone working or playing in ‘scrapes and cut’ conditions can benefit from this cut-resistant apparel that protects its wearer in a variety of situations.

Video clip:  https://youtu.be/cFviDjtPKfA


* Understanding of innovative, high-tech material manufacturing, production, certification and distribution.

* Apparel design: deep knowledge of military and defense roles, sports and a variety of industries, especially in terms of range of motion in different industry job categories.

* Commitment to 100% transparency with clients

* Comprehensive ability to work on projects that involve innovation, new ideas driven by industry and apparel design knowledge, consumer preference and market need, and which enhance security and protection of the wearer.

* Ability to recognize value-add for the user.

* Collaboration and marketing: ability to work with manufacturers and target market representatives (fact-finding) to determine optimal designs.

*  Real-time information with industry innovators of materials, manufacturers and designers: Exhibition visits to leading Sports Fair ISPO (Munic), MilPol (Paris), A+A Safety, Security and Health at work (Düsseldorf) among others.

* Co-op with Creative Cluster, Chamber of Commerce and Administrators in Luxembourg.


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Peak Rock & Sport Sàrl, 3A Maison L-6155 Weyer (Junglinster) (LUXEMBOURG)


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