The new project for the fashion brand Zoé Muse was released on the 4th of July. The collaboration of creatives from Luxembourg and Berlin ended up in a beautiful campaign investigating social issues. Some of the collaborators of the project are part of the Creative Cluster: Zoé Muse, Dekography, Super8 and Yuzer Group.

The “UNTITLED FUTURE” campaign investigates the spirit of the new reality, with its rapid social change. Digitalization leads to the emergence of micro-generations, divided by a shorter time periods. That is how the Zillenials appeared, obtaining the traits of both Millennials and Gen Z.

But does the clash between the generations become more explicit, making it impossible for them to understand each other? The creative video project and interviews with people from different generations framed the clear message: empathy, tolerance, and creativity can help to understand and value each other, and as a society we should aim at that direction. In the new reality both Boomers and Gen Z value the diversity and uniqueness of each person. The new generation is the generation of change. It breaks with toxic stereotypes and manifests that it is ok to be bizarre, it is ok to be different, it is ok to cry – it is ok to be yourself. The visual concept of the clothing campaign represents this zeitgeist – with its bright colours and strong messages.

The project is supported by Oeuvre Nationale de SecoursGrande-Duchesse Charlotte. All the profits will go to a social cause.