At a time when the question is more than ever about the durability of the crafts and their evolution in the face of the development of new technologies, De Mains de Maîtres Luxembourg invites craftsmen, creators, designers and digital specialists for a major exhibition: Craft 3.0.
The aim is to question different Luxembourg and European actors in the fields of art crafts and new technologies known as additives, in order to glimpse the interest that there may be tomorrow in bringing together and combining these old and new skills. 

Beyond the eternal debate between tradition and progress, it is clear today that digital techniques are not intended to oppose the gesture, nor to make it disappear, but can be a great way to extend it, or even increase it!

The exhibition aims to explore the current and future shift from age-old gestures to a new craft nourished and enriched by digital techniques. 

A program of conferences and workshops is also planned throughout the exhibition.

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