Ours is a time of transitions. A thousand forces are interacting in our world every day, so it's more and more difficult to foresee what the next decades will look like – and how could our educational system prepare students for the future, if the possible futures are countless?

On the 24th a Meetup will take place where we'll discover what forces of change our younger generations will face, what signals we're already detecting in Luxembourg and what new skills are emerging. But we'll also look for inspiration – from educators, schools and entire countries, who are imagining new educations. And finally, we'll work together with 20 youth workers from all over Europe to create a common vision for the future(s) of education – because it takes a global community to solve a global challenge!


11:45 Doors Open
12:00 Welcome by Art Square Lab - Magdalena Jakubowska
12:15 Futures of education, educations for the future – Bianca Bressy
12:45 World Cafè (Lunch included)
14:00 Open discussion and networking

The event will happen in Maison d’accueil in Belair.

If you would like to participate, contact Magdalena Jakubowska: magdalena@artsquarelab.net