The free toolbox online marketers have been waiting for.

Neon Marketing Technology proudly introduces their latest brainchild, a free online marketing toolbox made in Luxembourg with the ambition to combine the most useful marketing tools in one platform.

Initially designed to facilitate their own workflow and later the ones of clients, this toolbox brings together the essential tools every online marketer needs and combines them in one comprehensive package.

The toolbox contains a total of 6 tools:

  • URL Shortener
  • Link Collections
  • Influencer Collections
  • Hashtag Analyser
  • ROI Calculator
  • UTM Generator

For example: lets you easily create link collections like a sharable online blackboard, that displays multiple links on one page to use in Instagram biographies for example.

The second innovation is Instaboard, a virtual influencer collection, which allows to save specific users into groups, track their followers and share the collection with others.

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