Photo- and Videography go hand in hand, and more and more clients demand both services from one provider. At Grand Format and Yuzer Group (Super8) it is all about focusing on strengths and working with the best partners when it comes to complementary services – hence the conclusion to collaborate was simple.

Since their first meeting at the 3rd edition of the Creative Thirst Day in July 2018, Grand Format and Yuzer Group participated together in several pitches and are since developing further cooperation opportunities. These project collaborations enable both parties to offer a wide range of high-quality expert services and manage projects more efficiently.
Both companies share a common vision with regards to their relative strategic development, focusing on a more commercial/marketing content production and aiming at developing innovative concepts while offering highest-quality services to their clients.

A big thank you goes to the creative cluster for providing a platform that enables actors in same or similar industries to deviate from the mindset of competition to a mindset of cooperation – this being essential in such a small market as Luxembourg.