Aside is an innovative Startup that operates in the audiovisual market. Its goal is to scout, price, promote and finance film projects by extending the opportunity to invest in films/catalogue to retail investors as well as sophisticated ones. 
From films to documentaries and series, Aside enables producers and distributors to benefit from a new funding channel that blends capital sourcing, market validation and community building.
Investors and film enthusiasts instead will find in Aside a way to engage with the projects they wish to support like never before while being financially rewarded by claiming their share on the future profits of the listings they invest in. Thanks to Aside, players in the film industry have now an easier time in reaching financial independence while investors gain access to a new alternative asset class ripe with potential while also intrinsically engaging.

Skill set

  • film
  • finance
  • investment
  • community
  • production
  • distribution
  • audience
  • engagement
  • marketing
  • visibility
  • awareness
  • platform
  • movie
  • rights
  • royalties