Based in Luxembourg, MOJA is a fashion photographer who has gathered around him a team of professionals who are passionate about aesthetics, fashion, performing arts, graphic design and plastic arts, architecture and decoration.

Our photos are the result of a team effort whose hierarchy is dictated only by the competence of each one. All the workings of this creative mechanism are intrinsically important. MOJA is the link between all these talents.

Whether it is for a magazine photo shooting session, a fashion photo, a wedding, an architectural project or a simple portrait, a good picture is always a challenge whose success is systematically beyond the last straight, the one you thought you never had to cross.

The search for the beautiful picture puts us always in laborious situations that constitute the very essence of the pleasure that we all have in trying our best to make a beautiful image.

Skill set

  • fashion and art photography
  • art
  • fashion photography
  • fashion
  • photography