As the first online marketplace for circular products we want to create a "one stop shop" with to give manufacturers the opportunity to provide the visibility they deserve for themselves and their products.

We know that in Luxembourg there are many brilliant and creative people who offer products and services that are in line with circular economy principle. But we also know that many of the manufacturers are experts in their field but have little idea how to market their products.

Also for the increasing number of interested consumers it is difficult if not completely impossible to find which products are already available. For this reason we think it is time to establish as the central marketplace platform and bring the (still) niche market to a new level.

The aim of is not only to sell products but also to create a vibrant community of people who come together through passion for unique products and a circular lifestyle.

Based on more than 12 years of online marketing and brand positioning we know a product can be made from the best materials, full of love and thought out to the last detail but if the appropriate platform to present the product and generate attention in front of a large audience, selling it becomes the biggest challenge.

A challenge that we would like to take away from the manufacturers to have more time to focus on what they do best: Literally making the world a better place.

As an online marketplace based in Luxembourg we target two specific audiences.

On one side manufacturer of circular products in any kind of industry. Whether fashion design, furniture or product design, we do not want to exclude anybody as long as the products offered are in line with the circular life cycle.

On the other hand we target an audience with high interest in buying sustainable, circular, durable and regional products.