ERIC NICOLAS SMIT is a visual craftsman, designing worlds and orchestrating motion with passion. He prides himself of mastering every step of visual production - from concept design to final render. He specializes in rich immersive contents, with intricate plays of shapes, lights and textures.

Eric Nicolas Smit worked on projects for acclaimed directors such as Ridley Scott, J.J. Abrams, Brent Bonacorso, Sameh Zoabi and Mamoru Oshii. Over a career of more than 2 decades, he created original contents for Sony Music Entertainment, Paramount pictures, The Stanford University, The European Spacial Agency, MTV, Le Public Système, The Seattle Art Museum, Mudam, Sacha Lakic Design, Nike, Toyota, Infiniti, Alienware, ...

In Luxembourg, he is an active player of the cultural life having conceived and directed documentaries for the Villa Vauban and Mudam museum,  as well as promotional sequences for "La Nuit des Musées" and "Visit Luxembourg".

Eric Nicolas Smit is available for motion graphic, animation and visual effects projects: films, documentaries, live events, TV spots, artistic and technical illustrations, architecture visualizations, educational videos or anything you can imagine ...

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Skill set

  • cgi
  • motion graphics
  • visual effects
  • film post-production
  • technical and artistic visualization.