F16 productions is run by international experienced photographer Christian Wilmes.

F16 provides full package of graphic and photographic services and consulting as it collaborates with advertising agencies or operate directly with the client. This makes it a flexible partner for  high-end projects.

National and international clients will include companies such as: Swarovski France, Paul Luxembourg, BIL, Nespresso, Christian Louboutin, Fischer, Bon Marché Paris, Fair Spirits, Paule Ka, Camu Cognac, Join , Agence Peter Franklin, Agence Vous, Agence Comed.

Skill set

  • pre production
  • casting
  • art direction
  • photography
  • videograhy
  • graphic design
  • consulting
  • leica expert
  • workshop
  • product shooting
  • printing
  • social media advising
  • street photography
  • business
  • portrait