In many meetings in which the Consultative Commission SACEM Luxembourg defended the interests of composers and songwriters of Luxembourg, it appeared that local creatives have a serious lack of organization on a national as well as international/European level. On many occasions one had to regret that, unlike other European countries, there is no common defender of the interests of Luxembourgish composers in any form whatsoever. With this situation in mind, the Commission SACEM, although so far recognized by the Ministry of Culture as representing « de facto » composers, was unable to play its role as it should in this context, neither on a national, nor on a European or international level. Some composers have been fighting to strengthen and enhance the status of the creative work in Luxembourg for years.


Thus, in order to join forces in an association that defends the interests of Luxembourg based authors and composers of music of all genres, a new non-profit organisation F.L.A.C. (Luxembourg Federation of Authors and Composers) has  been created in March 2014.

This federation does not intend to substitute for or mingle with existing structures, but rather to gather and reunite writers and creators of all musical genres – classical/contemporary, jazz, rock , pop, movie scoring, radio and TV jingles, commercials etc . – for a common cause. The F.L.A.C. will be the voice of all composers wherever necessary.

Skill set

  • promotion of local composers
  • creating an open community
  • lobbying for recognition and fair renumeration
  • hub for transsectorial links