ENEX is a cooperative association of some of the world’s leading commercial TV broadcasters. Headquartered in Luxembourg, ENEX‘s video agency produces more than 40,000 video items every year and provides more than 2,000 live outside sources. ENEX has a global footprint across 5 continents with a partnership group of more than 50 members. Our team is responsible for compiling and commissioning news items from our member network and sources to ensure that our partners can cover international news with up to the minute content and exclusive video. Our technical operations coordinate satellite space, fibre network, 4G communications and streaming operations. ENEX Special Events provide more than 50 on-site news operations all over the world to allow partners to go live at the most competitive prices in the industry. Our newsrooms are staffed around the clock at our Luxembourg Headquarters and satellite offices in Bogota, Colombia and Sydney, Australia.

Skill set

  • operations manager
  • broadcast media
  • political science
  • operations management
  • strategic planning
  • business development
  • public policy