Jamendo is a pioneer music website and currently one of the biggest emergent music platforms in the world. It provides free music for personal entertainment and various licenses for projects or businesses. Jamendo supports unaffiliated, independent artists by offering them a global DIY space to display and sell their creations.

The name "Jamendo" is a fusion of two musical terms: "jam session" and "crescendo".


Empower DIY music creators through a vast array of services, implementing efficient solutions to showcase and license their creations to relevant customers. Optimize royalty collection on all distribution channels.


Create an opportunities hub for music creators, where they can easily find ways and means to evolve as musicians.



We are proud to welcome any musical style and creators from anywhere in the world. We value diversity as an organization; we are not afraid of speaking five different languages in a usual business day.


We want our customers to have the best value-for-money experience. We are not just another music tech company: if you call you get someone on the line.


We value creativity in music and original content.


We pursue quality in every action we take, and we are not afraid of going that extra mile every time. We do not stop at just fine we go for the best. Every detail matters and good enough means there’s room for better.


We support our community of creators. We are constantly working towards an improvement of our impact on the environment.

Skill set

  • artists
  • independent
  • music
  • licensing
  • sync
  • royalty-free
  • singers
  • creative commons
  • advertising
  • video production
  • podcast
  • radio jingles
  • youtube music
  • social media music
  • background music
  • music for business
  • instore music
  • venues
  • music for events
  • corporate videos
  • presentation videos
  • commercials
  • film sync music
  • all genres
  • vlog
  • blog
  • websites
  • music for apps