Lanterne Magique are Séverine Peiffer and Joël Nepper, two photographers specialized in analogue photography and more specifically historic processes such as wetplate collodion and various printing techniques, notably salt prints, cyanotype, albumen and bichromate gum. Since 2012, Lanterne Magique offers workshops across Luxembourg, France and Belgium. We are available for commissioned work and collaborations. 

Our mission
At Lanterne Magique we are passionate about what we do. We strive for the preservation and transmission of historic photographic techniques that might otherwise simply disappear. We have made it our priority to educate young and old on the importance of the art and crafts industry and the perpetuation of tradition, knowledge and know-how. By creating opportunities and developing synergies with an array of cultural actors of the creative industry we believe we can fullfil our goal while nurturing innovative ideas and new talents.

Clients (selection): Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA), Archives Nationales de Luxembourg (ANLUX), Paul Thiltges Distribution, binsfeld, Ezri Kahn Couture, Serge Tonnar & Legotrip, Galerie Clairefontaine, Espace Photographique Contretype, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, ESA Le 75, Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg, Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise 

Skill set

  • photography
  • alternative
  • analogue
  • digital
  • historic
  • process
  • collodion
  • wetplate
  • film
  • large format
  • grand format
  • black
  • white
  • color
  • printing
  • salt print
  • cyanotype
  • gumoil
  • albumen
  • workshop