Laura Mannelli [lA] is a certified architect member of OAI (Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils). With the rapid emergence of digital cultures, Laura Mannelli [lA] engages in massively multiplayer virtual worlds developing a multidisciplinary approach to explore “Atopic Architectures [In]Between Real and Virtual Space[1]". Her practice lies at the junction between plastic arts, virtual reality, video games and architecture.

In January 2018 she co fonded the European collective of creatives independents and enterprises, REVV Studio. A studio that intends to amalgamate a multidisciplinary approach to creation at the heart of digital creation processes. A true laboratory of research, creation, production, and expertise around virtual realities and immersives experiences at the crossroads of Architecture, Design, Sound Design, Virtual Realities, the Internet of Things and Video Games. In a collaborative, transversal and transdisciplinary dynamic to develop new or innovative uses.

[1] Atopic comes from the Greek a (without) topos (place). This is the idea of Atopic set out by Robert Smithson, a non-site with no centre or periphery.

Skill set

  • architecture
  • scenography
  • event designer
  • creative director
  • digital art
  • speaker
  • digital consultant
  • vr director
  • virtual reality
  • mixed reality
  • augmented reality
  • storytelling
  • gaming
  • serious game
  • immersive architecture
  • immersive design
  • sound design