leitmotif is an independent Luxembourg company founded in 2016 by Isabelle Faber.

Active for more then 25 years in the fields of communication and public relations with companies operating in the private and public sector, both Luxembourg and abroad, the time and the desire had come for Isabelle to share the experiences and lessons learned, as well at the network of contacts established via the various positions held over the years.

leitmotif offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of Public Relations, ranging from the development and implementation of the communication strategy to media relations, as well as events organisation, protocol and reputation management

Skill set

  • public relations
  • communication strategy
  • press strategy
  • sensitive communication
  • brand management
  • reputation management
  • digital communication
  • media coaching
  • protocol & etiquette
  • conceptual support
  • editorial support
  • publications...