Museums hold the power to shape communities, cities and even countries. They foster curiosity, trigger critical thinking and inspire discovery across cultures, generations and social classes. We hold the strong belief that as a cornerstone of our society, museums have the duty to continuously strive for inclusion by capturing the attention and imagination of the widest possible audience. Since day one exhibitions have been the core business of all museums.

With ‘digital first’,  traditional engagement methods might be losing their charm for some visitors and therefore we believe that museums should fully embrace digitalisation. 

We see, at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, an immense opportunity to redefine how museums engage the contemporary visitor by delivering a seamless and personalised experience at every touch point at an unprecedented scale.

With this in mind, over the past year, we spearheaded several digital innovation projects in collaboration with leading research institutions and startups in Luxembourg and London. We explored applications across mobile, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and 3D modelling to shape our idea of the “Museum of the Future”.

We would like to collaborate with companies, institutions, start-ups and all creative people that are willing to accompany us on our journey of exploring new ways to engage  various audiences.


Skill set

  • digital
  • marketing
  • communication
  • video
  • film
  • audiences
  • new technologies
  • creation
  • innovation
  • virtual and augemented reality
  • 3d modelling