MasonBower Luxembourg is a strategy agency that helps design and implement meaningful business growth models by converting ideas and opportunities into actionable plans and concepts. Using proven methodologies for building customer engagement and market relevance, we design holistic marketing frameworks that enable planning with a long-term perspective and roadmaps for ongoing and future projects/activities. 

The result are communication strategies and tactics that are decided upon confident, business-significant foundations. In order to ensure that communication efforts and production will be in line with the defined business strategy, we provide solid and instructive briefs for creative/production agencies and, as needed, identify/engage suitable supplier support for execution. 

As an essential part of every project, we set clear, quantifiable objectives and provide tools for both measuring the performance of campaigns/activities and evaluating ROI for planning purposes.

Skill set

  • market research
  • market analysis
  • digital strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • business strategy
  • customer acquisition
  • marketing planning
  • inbound marketing
  • business growth
  • market relevance
  • communication strategy
  • business objectives
  • business performance
  • roi
  • accelerator program
  • consultancy
  • agency
  • marketing
  • digital marketing
  • marketing campaign
  • incubator
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • lecture
  • training
  • workshop
  • ideation
  • customer experience
  • business development