MDL has been founded in 1996 by Maja Devetak, who since worked as a landscape architect and an urban planner, based in Hosingen (Luxembourg). The team actually consists in 5 landscape architects mostly active in the Grand Duchy.

The activities of the office include every step of planning, from early phases of planning to project achievement. The range of projects they are working on is extending from masterplan and space planning, landscape studies in urbanistic projects to the creation of new urban areas and places, from learning landscapes for childrens to private gardens. MDL has also experience in leading workshops with children as a way to include them in the planning process of thier new schoolyards.

For every new project, MDL keep focusing on offering innovative solutions based on the detailled study of each new experimentation field, to enhance the existing situation and to add spatial quality.

Skill set

  • landscape architecture
  • urbanism
  • urban landscape
  • landscape concept
  • urban planning
  • urban design
  • concept design
  • planting design
  • pap
  • masterplan