I love writing. It's pure. It's simple. 

From blogs, to brochures; over Newsletters to social media; academic articles, journals, stories, novels; press releases, product descriptions, corporate information, event invitations; translations, flyers, lists, memos, webpages, internal communications and shareholder reports: I have been charged with many different communication media throughout my career. My work experience comes from a variety of industries, including higher education, entertainment & gambling, and working for a Big 4.

I'm also available for translations, including texts and transcripts from/into German, French, English and Luxembourgish.

Skill set

  • writing
  • translating
  • editing
  • copywriting
  • web content
  • corporate communications
  • german
  • english
  • luxembourgish
  • french
  • books
  • fiction
  • literature
  • culture
  • news
  • writing specialist
  • writer
  • freelance writer
  • creative writer
  • features writer
  • public relations
  • press release
  • blogging