omniscientbeing / Mik Muhlen

I've been working as a independent illustrator/graphic desinger ever since I graduated in 2007. In 2009, I started working under the moniker omniscientbeing. Since then, I have the pleasure to work on a variety of projects, from illustration to graphic design, over motion design, art direction, installation and mural art to name a few.

My personal work is mostly influenced by occult and mystical themes and pop culture. My client work is tailored towards what my client needs, and is as a result, very varied. I am always looking for new challenges and approaches in my work, and am always striving to learn from every project I do. 


Former hidden member (VJ) of the band Soleil Noir
Half of Ghostgum
Visual artist / exhibition member of The End Collective

Skill set

  • illustration
  • graphic design
  • artwork
  • motion design
  • character art