Hi, we are a sound marketing and communication agency. We produce sonic branding, Audio logos, sound design, on hold music, voice over and more for all kind of brand and advertising.

Sound changes the way we experience, live, feel, perceive, understand things. It has a major impact on our everyday behavior. Therefore, we deliver a case-by-case collaboration service for brands to build them a unique and differentiating sound identity. We study your brand marketing & communication strategy and give it a voice. A well scheduled music becomes an influence tool.

Skill set

  • marketing
  • communication
  • music production
  • composition
  • audio branding
  • sonic branding
  • sound identity
  • sound signature
  • audio logo
  • on hold music
  • sound design
  • video scoring
  • sound marketing
  • ad music
  • branding
  • brand identity