Silicon Luxembourg is THE source for startup and entrepreneurship news in Luxembourg.

Since its debut in October 2013, we’ve grown from a news source to a network hub in the Grand Duchy. Whether you’re looking for news, events, or jobs as an individual or chances to expand your visibility as a company, Silicon Luxembourg is here for you.

Silicon Luxembourg has a 60% readership outside of Luxembourg, with the US, France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Spain taking the top nine positions after Luxembourg. We’ve had over 1 million page views over the past five years, and have 50,000 views per month on average. We ship our print edition 'SILICON Magazine" to 30 countries around the world, which shows international attention turning towards one of the smallest countries in the world.

Luxembourg is growing steadily as a hub for startups in Europe. As it grows, so will we. Stay in touch. Be aware. Silicon Luxembourg brings you all the latest news, jobs, events, and more online daily and quarterly in our magazine.

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