STUDIO ABRICOT was founded in 2017 by Rachel Hoffmann as a creative platform to publish curricular design projects. In 2021 she continued to work professionnally under the same name.

Rachel Hoffmann is a Luxembourgish graphic and spatial designer. Over the years she has developed conceptual design projects around the thematic of perception, constantly questioning the way we understand and perceive things. Her experimental working methodology and her strong interest in alternative ways of communication have led to the creation of critical and contemporary project possibilities shaped by the desire of generating new visions and rethinking conventional approaches.

Skill set

  • print design
  • publications
  • visual identities
  • logotypes
  • orientation systems
  • petits tirages
  • concept design
  • exposition design
  • set design
  • installations
  • experimental films
  • scenography
  • spatial interventions
  • design narratives
  • design experiences.