I’m a professional doll artist and I make any kinds of dolls from kid’s toys to theatre and stop motion animation puppets.

Materials: ceramics, porcelain, wool, paper mache, materials found in the nature etc.

I have worked also as a stop motion animation teacher for kids and adults and soon I will start my own stop motion film production - any propositions about collaborating are welcome! 


- custom made dolls, figurines and puppets

- custom made needle felted animal portraits

- ceramic burning service

- doll and teddy bear repair service

- animation films made by traditional techniques: cut-out, clay, object and puppet animations

- almost anything that has to do with handicrafts and creativity - just ask me!



Skill set

  • doll making
  • needle felting
  • felting
  • stop motion
  • photography
  • editing
  • ceramics
  • sewing