We are strongly influenced by the startup studio model, but we have decided to work differently for several reasons. The first is very simple, we haven't done an Exit in previous adventures, we can't afford to keep the studio alive without finances. We see this as an opportunity. We have an obligation to be pragmatic and effective, and that is good.

With this in mind, we share our skills with innovation as a core value.

- Like a startup studio we create our startups.
- As a startup agency, we work with other startups.
- As an innovation center, we share our innovation practices to promote intrapreneurship in companies.
In a concrete way
Our ambition is to launch 1 startup in 2019, 2 in 2020, then 3 to 5 per year. Of course, market opportunities could change these estimates upward. We are always looking for CEO profiles to join our startups.

Our weekly work is quite simple. We produce the MVPs of the startups who trust us. We are also continuing to improve existing digital platforms. We work using agile methodologies such as Lean Startup and Growth Driven Design. All the knowledge acquired for each of the projects, internal or external, allows the other projects to be even better. Each failure and each success is valued so that the entire team and customers can benefit from it.

The startups that we develop as a startup studio create knowledge for our clients. The MVPS and continuous development that we carry out for our innovators allow us to create our startups. The relationship between the two aspects of our studio innovation is very strong, they cannot exist one without the other.

At Warrigal, with our customers' projects and our projects launched "from scratch" every year, business model, Lean canvas, product, design, marketing must be continuously designed and implemented. Since we have to move fast and well, we all share our lessons and we do not hesitate to challenge the rules when necessary. When it comes to innovation, there are no limits.

Skill set

  • web design
  • app design
  • mobile design
  • ux design
  • web development
  • mobile development
  • lean startup analysis
  • agile methodology.