"An art show raising funds to support covid-19 related research at the University of Luxembourg is on at BiL.

Art2Cure is a non-profit organisation that runs art exhibits to raise funds for biomedical research carried out by Luxembourg-based researchers, often in collaboration with international partners. Since 2015 Art2Cure has raised more than 100 000 EUR to support biomedical research at the University of Luxembourg, especially in the field of Parkinson's disease and rare childhood diseases. This year artists will support covid-19 related research at the University of Luxembourg.

This year’s exhibition is in the Galerie Indépendance at the headquarters of the BiL and features a host of local artists including the likes of JKB Fletcher, Diane Jodes, Sumo, Joachim Van der Vlugt and Julie Wagner. Our photo is of Martine Pinnel’s “Hunter’s Paradise”.

The exhibition is open from 8am to 6pm weekdays, but can also be viewed virtually via a special website created by BiL."

Source : Delano.lu