Cultural and creative sectors (CCS) are important in their own right in terms of their economic footprint and employment. They also spur innovation across the economy, as well as contribute to numerous other channels for positive social impact. They are among the hardest hit by social distancing measures. Policies to support firms and workers through the crisis can be ill-adapted to the non-traditional business models and forms of employment in the sector. Beyond the immediate supports, policies can also leverage the economic and social impacts of culture in their broader recovery packages and efforts to transform local economies. To do so there is a need to:

  • Upscale the innovation capacity within CCS and support innovation cross-overs with other sectors
  • Address digital gaps to help emerge new business opportunities
  • ¬†Improve CCS access to finance
  • Integrate cultural and creative sectors into broader regional and local recovery strategies.

This webinar, organised in cooperation with the Flanders Department of Culture, Youth and Media, Belgium, will discuss the latest evidence on effective ways to adapt business supports to the needs of CCS and learn from innovative practices around the world.