In it's final conference, the Creative FLIP project showcases its experience and outputs of more than two years’ work on issues central to the CCSIs: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting/IP.

The project was launched in 2019 with the goal to address the existing systemic problems in the CCSI ecosystem. Creative FLIP worked on stocktaking of policies and actions and developing new notions and instruments. During the project, Covid-19 pandemic hit society and further emphasized the pre-existing underlying problems and the necessity of strengthening CCSIs to make both the sectors and society more future-proof. During the Creative FLIP final conference, they wish to present their contributions towards achieving this goal as well as to discuss co-creating good policies and taking meaningful actions for a more resilient and future-proof sector!

Day 1: Shaping policy

How to support the cultural and creative sectors to become more future-proof themselves and, at the same time, further empower them in taking part in the development of a future-proof society?

We need policies that acknowledge the value of the Cultural and Creative Sectors for society and enable them to function across all policy domains, on a local, regional, national and European level. The full value of the CCS will only be realised when they are supported to become a stronger sector. That is why we also need policies that identify the needs of the sector timely and efficiently, support innovation, co-creation, acces2finance, research, new business models, IP-protection and lifelong learning.

Day 2: Taking action

What tools have been developed in the context of Creative FLIP to support the sector and tackle the challenges of tomorrow?

Communities within the CCSIs are keen on working together, as well as with other sectors, to face the challenges they experience to become stronger. We need actions that fit the sector and at the same time empower CCSIs to transform the world around them. Through pilot actions and stakeholder consultations, Creative FLIP has produced tools and resources for and with cultural and creative communities to support them in achieving this aim.