In line with Luxembourg’s Government’s goal at positioning the country as a front-runner in the Circular Economy (CE), the Circular Design Challenge encourages creative entrepreneurs to develop new solutions and aims to accelerate the shift from a linear to circular economy.

The Challenge aims to support early stage ideas, business models and design developments from individuals, freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, Startups, and established SMEs, to

  • Raise awareness about circular economy in different industries,
  • Emphasise the circular economy efforts in Luxembourg,
  • Showcase new ideas and solutions,
  • Foster and produce new business partnerships.

Following a successful first pilot edition the Circular By Design Challenge, this annually recurring challenge, will continue to focus on the Circular Economy principles by targeting & developing new circular design and service solutions.

The upcoming, second edition will span across five distinct categories;

  • Architecture, Engineering & Urbanism
  • Industry 4.0
  • Fashion Design
  • Mobility
  • Open

Additionally the project matures to a European dimension, by welcoming international applicants and project partners from EU, EEA and EFTA, and will include a specific education and academia strand, where pupils and students can submit their ideas.

Register for our launch on 22 October at 10:00 CET, and find out more about the Circular By Design Challenge 2nd edition.

More details about the structure of the challenge, expectations for the idea calls, webinar speakers, our jury members and project partners, will be disclosed during the launch webinar.