Boris Loder exhibit his current series, Particles, which questions through photography as sculpture, social and geographical identities. Of sculptural quality, similar to the compressions of Cesar Baldaccini, each cube of the series contains objects that I gathered in specific places in Luxembourg such as car parks, playgrounds or wastelands.

 Rather than depicting the place by a wide-angle photograph, my choice to opt for the shape of the cubes provides a detailed overview of its character under a highly compressed aspect. The strict and standardized form with a neutral background makes it possible to compare the different places represented. To create the shape, objects are compressed into cubes of acrylic glass, a substance normally used to preserve artifacts in museums. Here, they are used to conserve modern urban artifacts, making them archaeological research subjects in the Anthropocene era.

Opening Thursday 20.06 at 18:30 
(Upon registration via )

Free admission 
Everyday from 11:00> 18:00