You will be the lead client liaison in our agency, and be the face of the agency to our clients. 

Your job is to achieve the best possible results from our designers while maximising returns for our company.

 You have in-depth knowledge of your clients, the consumer market and all aspects of communication, including creative, media, research, design and production.


 As a team leader and strategist, you are a great communicator, clearly articulating the client's needs to the agency team and keep he client fully informed of the agency recommendations.


You understand the needs of the brand and the consumer in order to create and guide communication strategies and creative executions. You follow market trends and use your knowledge to it’s best advantage with out team.


You give clear directions to designers, guide and advise according to your creative flair and expertise. You have a great sensitivity, imagination and a good dose of creative spirit. You are critical, convincing and also able to listen, you have strong opinions and are not afraid to express them!

 You will assist in creating amazing concepts and you can write effortlessly and eloquently in french and english. All other language is a clear asset.