We are currently looking for a Pipeline Supervisor to join our team. 
La Fabrique d'Images is an 800m² studio located in Luxembourg and comprises a team of nearly 100 people. Founded in 2002, La Fabrique d'Images produced feature films and series such as Ooops! Noah is gone, Luis and the aliens, Little Brown Bear, Bayala, and who also actively participated in the recently awarded Funan. 
Currently working on ambitious 2D and 3D feature films and to anticipate our future own productions, we plan to reinforce our team with an experienced talent. 

Ensure smooth running of VFX animation pipeline 

Undertake any pipeline development to maximize pipe throughput and reduce risks/waste 

Provide leadership on architecture & methods  

Ensure scalability and reliability of developed tools    

Supervise, lead and coach the team members   

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation  

Minimum of 5 years work experience in CG film and special effects industry  

Minimum of 3 years of pipeline development experience

Excellent knowledge of Maya, Nuke  

Excellent scripting knowledge of C++, Python, Jscript  

Excellent understanding of 3D in general (modeling, light, simulation…)  

Comfortable with a LINUX/UNIX environment

High proficiency in English and French  

Proven debugging, development testing, and problem-solving abilities   
Soft skills

Strong communication skills

Capable of initiatives, anticipation and responsiveness  

Autonomy, discipline and organization  

Stress management    

Team spirit