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About this webinar:

Creative minds have always been at the forefront of problem solving, and play an active role by bringing forth their expertise and pioneering spirit during this pandemic.


Session 2 of our 3 part webinar series explores how the creative community deals with high volumes of information on one side of the spectrum and how they create relevant content from scratch for businesses on the other side.

Even if the unprecedented lockdown situation has seemingly slowed down our world temporarily, the digital wheel spins faster than ever, with an insatiable appetite for news: information and the vital need of communicating at an all-time high.

Newsrooms are being flooded with information and press releases and have to keep an overview of what remains newsworthy and decide how to package it into small, digestible bites. Communication experts are chomping at the bits to help clients through the “eye of the storm” by advising them to break radio silence and content strategists urge that pertinent content does matter.

We hit the unmute button with our 3 panelists and talk about organisational challenges, project launches, actions and how to structure content whilst locking it down.