Screenwriters are often introverted and find it difficult to present their ideas to the public. Actors are at home on stage. "Pitch Dating" offers exchange and platform for participating authors and actors to pitch together, in public and in front of a jury and to bring out a film idea. The event PITCH DATING is carried out by the Baden-Württemberg Authors' Forum (AUF) in cooperation with the Bundesverband Schauspiel (BFFS) as part of the Baden-Württemberg film show on December 5, 2020 in Stuttgart.

After the successful premiere of "Pitch Dating" in the film forum "setUP media" during the film show Baden-Württemberg 2019, there should be a sequel in 2020.

The idea of ​​pitch dating

Three teams, each consisting of a screenwriter and a group of actors, work together to develop an original performance and present it to the audience and an expert jury.

The jury will again be made up of well-known representatives from the film and TV industry. In addition, a jury member is chosen from the audience by lottery.

"SetUP media"

"Pitch Dating" is a specialist event of "setUP media" that takes place during the Baden-Württemberg film show. The "setUP media" is visited by professionals and decision-makers from the media industry. FAME! At the big closing gala of the Baden-Württemberg film show, the members of the winning team will be presented with a certificate on stage. Also! The author of the winning pitch will receive dramaturgical advice in the course of further material development, including from the Baden-Württemberg Author Forum. AND! The actors of the winning team receive a hoodie from the BFFS merchandising shop and the BFFS magazine "Schauspiegel" for one year free of charge.


Contact person: Willy Rollé

DEADLINE for submissions: August 3, 2020

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