As an opportunity for founders, Maastricht University and the House of Startups offer a free spot for a Luxembourgish startup in an educational online simulation game concerning the negotiation of a shareholder agreement for startups. This event is part of the “European Corporate Finance Law Excellence Course”, organized by Maastricht University.

This one-week online simulation game will take place from 12 to 18 April 2021

Participation is free of charge. Full confidentiality as to all the startup's information and their fundraising plans are ensured by a non-disclosure agreement signed by all participants of the simulation game.

Benefits for the founders

  • Gaining deep insights on the negotiation of shareholder agreements based on your fundraising campaign
  • Learn to prepare a first funding round or a follow-up funding round
  • Understanding which do's and don’ts are essential when negotiating a shareholder agreement with investors
  • Receive the final template of a shareholder agreement free of charge presented at the end of the simulation game
  • Engagement with a highly motivated group of international top-students and young professionals with a strong interest in the startup ecosystem
  • Certificate of participation

The selected startup also has the opportunity to participate the week before in a workshop of a leading expert on the drafting and negotiation of a shareholder agreement (not compulsory and free of charge). 

Commitments by the founders

  • Time investment of minimum 2 hours per day by at least one founder (more founders and time spent are welcome – it is for your own good) for the participation in the simulation game (the simulation game takes place entirely online, and thus no physical presence is required)
  • Sharing of information on the startup and the upcoming fundraising round with the participants and the coordinators of the simulation game (non-disclosure agreements bind all participants)

Criteria for participation

  • You are a startup incorporated in Luxembourg
  • You have not participated in a fundraising round before
  • You have foreseen a timely fundraising round in 2021 or beginning 2022
  • You will provide all the information and are fluent in English

Dates and Application

This one-week online simulation game will take place from 12 to 18 April 2021
Application deadline: 15 March 2021

Applications must be sent to and, including: 

  • A description of the startup and your upcoming fundraising round
  • CVs of the founder(s)
  • A motivation letter explaining why the startup would like to participate