The applications for the first step of the Perform Europe open call for touring and distribution grants will be open from 15 June to 7 July 2021.

Perform Europe is a pilot scheme funded by the European Commission. Its aim is to support experiments to make touring of performing arts works in Creative Europe countries more sustainable and inclusive. The project is an 18-month journey, which includes a research phase, testing a grant-giving programme, and designing policy recommendations.

The application process is divided in two steps:

  1. In the first step, all interested producers (artists, collectives, companies and presenters that have produced an artistic work) and presenters (festivals, venues, and other organisations offering a presenting context) are invited to apply to be part of Perform Europe’s process of collective learning and networking organised by Perform Europe and supported by its digital platform. The call is detailed below and will be open for applications on 15 June. Applicants, selected in this step, will be invited to join two events, providing space for mentorship, pitching ideas, and sharing best practices of more sustainable and inclusive touring practices.
  2. In the second step, while and after participating in the learning and networking process, applicants will shape partnerships among each other, co-create touring and distribution proposals and apply for Perform Europe grants. The total budget available is € 1,5 million; grant amounts will range from €10,000 to €100,000. The second call will be published at the end of July only for those selected in the first step (see a more detailed timeline of the Perform Europe application process at the very bottom of this announcement).

This is a call for performing arts producers and presenters motivated to shape cross-border partnerships meant to explore and test alternative ways of bringing artistic work(s) to people and places.

  • By producers, is meant performing arts companies and collectives, individual artists, or presenters which have produced an artistic work or developed an artistic concept that can be implemented in various contexts. By presenters, is meant venues, festivals or other types of organisations offering a presenting context.

Applicants may apply in a double capacity: both as a presenter and a producer.

  • By artistic work, is meant productions and artistic initiatives and concepts that are ready to be applied and practiced in different environments. Perform Europe does not support production costs.

Please note that Perform Europe’s research showed that there is a strong will in the European performing arts sector to reinvent the touring and distribution practices. Artistic work should be brought to people and places in ways that cherish artistic values, create just relations, empower diversity of voices, care for the environment, and are meaningful and inspiring for local communities and artists.

Who can apply to the first step?

Organisations and freelance professionals that:

  • work in the performing arts: theatre, dance, performance (including amateur performance), circus and street arts. Please note that live music performances (including opera or musicals) are not covered by Perform Europe, except for music theatre.
  • for producers: have an artistic work or artistic initiatives they would like to bring to other countries – physically, digitally or in a mixed way, between October 2021 and the end of June 2022;
  • for presenters: have a festival or a space, or other context which would present an artistic work from another country between October 2021 and the end of June 2022;
  • are based in one of the Creative Europe countries* or in the United Kingdom;
  • have a vision on how to collaborate across borders through sharing resources, practicing fairness and solidarity;
  • are already practicing alternative and innovative touring and distribution practices and can demonstrate it, and also those that
  • are eager to innovate their practices and have a vision on how to do it, but might experience too many constraints.

Especially encouraged are presenters and producers that have less visibility in the cross-border artistic landscape to apply for this call. Welcomed are applications from women, artists and organisations based in rural areas, those having disadvantaged socio-economic or ethnic backgrounds, identify as LGBTQIA+, have disabilities and any other people that identify as part of an underrepresented group within the performing arts landscape.

What will you be asked in this first step opening on 15 June?

  • General information about your organisation;
  • General information about your artistic work(s) (for producers) or your presenting context(s) - festival, venue, outdoor space - (for presenters), which you’d like to be part of a collaboration proposal;
  • Your vision and ideas on sustainable and inclusive ways of bringing artistic work to people and places (400 words);
  • How your artistic work / presenting context, which is part of your application, fits this vision (250 words);
  • What you would like to gain from being part of a Perform Europe granted partnership (250 words) and what you would be willing to share (skills, knowledge, money, visibility, infrastructure, experience, etc.) (300 words)

How can you apply? The call will be open on 15 June – please subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.