Creation of an XR work and a 360 film between May and July 2022
Rëm.xx, flagship project of the City of Rumelange within the framework of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, is a multidisciplinary project conceptualized by The Impact Lab. Rëm.xx will be implemented in a sustainable manner on the future Albert Hames site, whose architecture is provided by the 2001 agency and the scenography by Njoy. The artistic concept is carried by an XR creative team led by Laura Mannelli, with Mad Trix at the creation and implementation of New Media and Diversion cinema as the curator of XE projects and residencies.

The Albert Hames site will open its doors in 2022. It consists of Albert Hames’former dwelling house transformed into creative spaces, immersive guest rooms, common areas, his preserved and staged workshop, a gallery / lounge area, a winter garden and a new annex housing spaces for creative workshops. Thanks to its open architecture and its programming built, in large part, on the principles of the sharing economy and collaborative innovation, the site will fit perfectly into the trend of creative tourism, local nomadism and immersive experiences.

As a mix of an unusual tourist accommodation and an innovative creation center, the future Albert Hames site will be distinguished by a unique multifunctional approach where creative experience will erase the boundaries among spaces, functions and occupants. The functionalities and programming of different buildings will let visitors choose the degree of immersion they wish to live through during their stay as observer, voyeur, participant, (co-)creator or artist responsible for the creative process. Artists in residence and local cultural associations will be invited to take on the roles of hosts or visitors, depending on their own projects and artistic approaches.

The future Albert Hames site will stimulate meeting, dialogue and interaction between the artist and the public, as well as between visitor / travel / citizen / resident. Different immersive technologies (such as virtual reality, mixed reality, sound…) erase even more borders and create a trans-an interdisciplinary connection between real space and virtual space.

 Three artist residencies (until 28th January 2022)
To consult the terms and conditions of the residencies and the selection procedure for the three calls for residencies,

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Creation of a 360° film

Consult the detailed call: 211014 rem.xx_Appel à Résidences_film360_EN

Creation of a 3D work around a theme

See the detailed call: 211014 rem.xx_Appel à Résidences_oeuvre3D_FR

Development phase

See the detailed call: 211014 rem.xx_Appel à Résidences_phase dev_EN

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