Connecting the latest technology with new creative practice, Future of Film Incubator (FOF INC) reimagines how screen stories come to life.


Future of Film Incubator is a unique opportunity to hone your storytelling talent and get your project made.

Through support, mentorship and tution in cutting edge tech, new creative practice and commercial strategy, the programme will empower, guide and support you to develop your project from concept to a market-ready proposition - which you will then have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of leading industry executives, financiers and buyers.

Taking place virtually and in London at state-of-the-art virtual production facilities, the 6-month process will mentor, guide and support creators with 1-2-1 coaching, sessions with some of the most respected players in the industry and hands-on learning opportunities with new technology.

The objective is to get your project financed and made - and along the way give you first-hand experience in the future of screen storytelling.

Applications are now open for talented, curious and committed storytellers from all backgrounds. with a strong vision, a hunger to learn and a commitment to get their projects financed and made.



A presentation and Q&A about the programme can be found here :


Applications close on 1st May.