Luxinnovation’s Luxembourg Automobility Cluster (LAC) and the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster organised a training session in March held by MLC Conseil on the topic “How to encourage innovation in your company”.

There are few who would disagree that innovation is a key driver of economic growth and competitiveness. Indeed, acting as a catalyst for innovation is the very engine of Luxinnovation.

In a winning cooperation between two sectors, the AutoMobility Cluster and the Creative Industries Cluster held a training session on the Luxinnovation premises on how to foster an innovation culture to help companies stay ahead of competition.


Most companies work in a highly competitive environment where changes occur at an accelerating pace. Innovation is essential to remain attractive and for taking a business to the next level – and staff is key to making this happen. Creating a culture that stimulates innovation and engagement and encourages employees to experiment and dare to make mistakes is crucial.

MLC Advisory provided an overview of key fundamentals to boost innovation. There were 11 participants in the half-day training session;  KatconExamotive, Norbert Palfalvi, CEBIIEEKPMGHITECGoodyearKPMGFrameArt MediaEco-Technilin who learned about simple and effective methods to inspire employees and ensure that they work in optimal conditions. Topics covered included:

  • Understanding creativity
  • Role of company management
  • Importance of team constellation
  • How to foster people engagement
  • Mindfulness at work

Marc Lis, Manager Creative industries Cluster and Anthony Auert, Cluster Manager – AutoMobility feel very satisfied following the event and point to some of the responses that participants gave to the question, “What is innovation?”

“One response was, finding new ways for solving problems, which we liked in its simplicity,” says Marc. “But our preferred answer was, invention reduced to business practice.”